BLOCKCHAIN PATENT: Cookies and anti-ad blocker using deep links in mobile apps 8 June 2015, Received Issue Notification 15 November 2017 9838458 Capacity and automated de-install of linket mobile apps with deep links 10 November 2015, 9792101


Drone interacting with a stranger having a cellphone 10 August 2017, 15/731,829 Digital assistant interacting with mobile devices 23 February 2017, 15/530,733 Mobile maps connected to augmented reality games via linket 2 November 2016, 15/330,744

App social network of linket and deep link users
16 August 2016

Bots for linkets and deep links
16 August 2016

Hashtag, deep link and linket for more user interactions
7 June 2016

App streaming, bidirectional linket, phone number for mobile deep links 4 January 2016 App group, ad bandwidth, hand off for linket and mobile deep links 28 December 2015 App social network via linket and ads for mobile deep links 11 December 2015 Linket to control mobile deep links 19 October 2015 Different apps on different mobile devices interacting via deep links 18 August 2015 Blockchain and deep link for mobile apps 28 July 2015 Deep linking of mobile apps by barcode, sound or collision 18 February 2015